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Commercial Roofing Service

You have committed your life to grow your business... At Falcon Roofing We are passionate about protecting your greatest investment. Here are some words that our customers use to describe our Commercial Roofing Services: Experienced, Quick, Clean, Great Crew, and professional! We will be the same for you!

Falcon Residential Roofing Service

Residential Roofing Service

The roof on your home is the protection between the elements and the ones you love the most. This very fact drives us to be the best Residential Roofing Service in Traverse City and Northern Michigan.  We would be honored to give you an estimate on protecting your greatest investment.

Falcon Residential Roofing Service

We'll Fix Your Leak!

Leaking Roofs are not just a hassle but cause a lot of unforeseen damage to your roof and building. We want to help you with that! Give us a call and we will come out to give you a free roof assessment and make a plan to come fix it.  Leaky roofs are an emergency so we will be out promptly and fix it as fast as we can!

Roof Wash and Moss Removal Service

Do you see black streaks on sections of your roof? Do you have noticeable moss growing causing your building to be unsightly? We can help! Mold and moss need to be taken care of because they build up under the shingles and break the seals while wearing down the service of your shingles. Reach out to our friends at The Wash Doctor.

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